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David Sakumoto is a Korean/Japanese Designer who continues his art in fashion and architecture. He roots both as a visual fascination of emotion that can change how we perceive and feel whats around us. From the beginning to the present, he has crafted collections, drawings, and original designs that explores innovative ideas that are uprooted from his passion and determined drive for the art of fashion and architecture.


  • Interior Design Assistant at Phil Kean Design Group
  • Design Manager at Le-Huu Partners
  • Associate and Model Designer at Handel Architects
  • Consultant and Model Designer at Forward Slash (/) Architektur (Christoph a. Kumpusch)
  • Consultant and Model Designer at Brooklyn Office Architecture
  • Intern at OPUS Project Space Architecture and Gallery
  • Bachelor's Degree with Honors at Pratt Institute Undergraduate School of Architecture
  • Recipient of the Presidential Merit-Based Scholarship from Pratt Institute
  • 14 Total projects archived from Pratt Institute
  • Recipient of the Pratt Circle Award
  • Recipient of the Excellence in Academic Achievement Award
  • Recipient of the Undergraduate Architecture Scholarships for all 5 year
  • Recipient of the Rome Study Abroad Grant (Martin Rich Award)
  • Published in InProcess 19, 20, 21, 22, and 23
  • Published in 2014 Pratt Institute Architecture Website for Class of 2017
  • Teacher's Assistant (TA) for Anthony Caradonna for two semesters
  • Poetry Speaker at the Christina Porter Memoriam with Melissa Buzzeo



Email: davidsakumoto@gmail.com

Mobile: 908-770-1398