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This original design took over eight months from sketch to inception. I toiled over every detail in the design. It embodies the growth and thought process behind my passion for beautiful architecture. For me, it is not merely the mathematics behind the engineering, but the experience that my architectural journey travels.  As Daniel Libeskind said, "Life is not just a series of calculations and a sum total of statistics, it's about experience, it's about participation, it is something more complex and more interesting than what is obvious." 

This video tells the story of the metamorphosis from design to construction of my original organically derived building to celebrate the concept of aesthetic design in architecture. Through the use of light, sound, and image even the most spartan of architecture enthusiasts will feel its powerful beauty. 


When people say, "why create another building?" My response is that it is my passion and I'm driven to push beyond the mortar and stone of a building...I want it to be aesthetically stunning and perhaps in the end, the viewer will see their own potential for artistry. The concept of creating for a purpose is not merely enough, it should also be beautiful to look at. 


Through a sketching process I flesh out many design ideas. After a period of undetermined time, I set parameters on my design. I limited myself to the following design elements: one single unit, large in scale, and an exterior facade to enclose the structure. Thus, giving the building's musculature, it's "skin". 


At the onset, I determined that I wanted to develop a foundation that mimicked a podium in nature.  This foundation resulted in an angular formulated structure which was ultimately carried out throughout the design. I created an exterior skin to balance the angularity of the design. Ultimately, the overall aesthetic of the structure maintains a visually balanced piece.


While Frank Lloyd Wright integrated architecture and nature, I redefined his definition of organic architecture as a sense of curvature that produces waves and movement. This in fact gives homage to Frank Gehry and Zaha Hadid. By linking both organic and inorganic architecture I was able to create a structure that became homeostatic. The interior structure remained simple and stark while the exterior counter-balanced it with complex use of light and structural details.  


I used the principle "function follows form" in designing this structure. I insisted on the functionality of an eco-friendly building. During the Summer, the use of less air-conditioning and during the Winter, less heat would allow for less electricity. This is similar to the functionality of the 0-14 Tower located in Dubai, UAE. Additionally, rain water would be collected and used for plumbing, and finally the use of LED lighting would further save energy and ultimately the environment. 


It's not just about the footprint or amount of available space, but what shapes space can provide. My design includes a center atrium inspired by the atrium at the Marriott Marquis hotel in Atlanta, Georgia. The left side of the building houses architecture and design exhibits. Although appearing sparse and simple in aesthetic, I incorporated a sculpture garden to add to the topography of the design. This would allow for an area in the building for guests to relax and reflect.


Daniel Libeskind felt that a building should "tell a story". I told my personal story through the design of this structure. It is designed to allow the guest to recognize that their own strengths and imperfections tell the story of their identity. Whether viewing the windows, the facade, or the interior structure, it is my hope that they can reflect on their past, present, and future.


This project would not be possible without the support and passion of those who share my vision. Thank you to: Lisa Hanna, Angela LaMarca, Robert Maber, Allie Campbell, Mrs. Hester, and finally my parents, Kyoungsook Sakumoto and Neil Sakumoto who without them truly nothing could be possible.  Furthermore, I thank anyone who shares my passion of architecture and in turn, I support you of your endeavours.