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This collection features spring semester work in Design VIII (Cultural Campus of Rome) also known as CCoR, and Urban Studies (Italy) during eighth semester, fourth year at Pratt Institute Undergraduate School of Architecture.


Title: CCoR

Professor: Marina Kavalirek

Year: 2016

Status: Archived

Synopsis: Engulfed within the urban fabric of Rome, CCoR engages the Southwest flank of the Capitoline Hill. Throughout it’s rich history, Rome is expressed in the continuous reuse of existing content that is never transparent or isolated. In the beginning of the 20th Century the site was intervened by the Fascist movement leaving a clear problematic effect such as unorganized flow of traffic and deprived activity leaving the Theater of Marcellus isolated. Understanding the core conflict and Rome’s rich history, CCoR remedies the separation between the urban fabric and hill. By incorporating academical, institutional, and cultural venues, the design transforms the site from an empty, isolated landmark to a new center for activity. To bring the locals and tourists together, CCoR provides open plan programs featuring exhibitions, markets, residual spaces, library, housing, classrooms, and performance spaces where the circulation of every program is at a constant flux of activities. With the intervention of new activity engaged within the center of the site, the problematic effect transforms into a dialogue for a new architectural language: the Cultural Campus of Rome.



Title: Urban Studies in Italy

Professor: Lawrence Zeroth

Year: 2016

Synopsis: Within the Study Abroad Program in Italy, urban studies investigates the aesthetics, functions, and performances of each significant building, typology, and space. Each drawing confronts the understanding of how one perceives the overall structure and details of Italian civilization. From field measurements to renderings, these drawings represent the exploration and experience one lives and breathes.