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This collection features spring semester work in Design IV (Pleated Field) also known as the Grand/Chrystie St. Fashion Archive during fourth semester, second year at Pratt Institute Undergraduate School of Architecture.


Title: Pleated Field

Professor: Cathryn Dwyre

Year: 2014

Status: Archived

Synopsis: Situated between Grand and Chrystie Street in Lower Manhattan is the proposed design of a fashion archive to exhibit latest trends in fashion. The design’s program consists of a runway, an outside/inside auditorium space, an archive storage space, an exhibition space, and two dedicated floors consisting of studios for researchers and fashion designers. The name Pleated Field brings together the topography, the design, and fashion all into one. In the design, pressure begins at the front façade and another from below, much like fashion is pressured from both the current and underground trends that mesh together. Conceptual pressure was applied in two directions which accurately describes the balance and shifts from past to present to future of fashion. That pressure then creates a deformed tectonic that takes on different geological character such as a series of ramps, stairs, and an overall pleated design. Through the constant awareness of movement, one is submerged in an environment of ever changing and constant tectonic shifting of human ideology and emotion as expressed by fashion.