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This collection features the final year work in Design IX (World Trade Center Performing Arts Center) also known as Duel_Performa2 during fifth year at Pratt Institute Undergraduate School of Architecture.


Title: Duel_Performa2

Professor: Dan Bucsescu

Year: 2016

Status: Archived

Synopsis: Performa [per-fawr-muh] - a stage dedicated to commissioning, presenting, and exploring new visual art performances across disciplines encouraging new directions for the 21st century

With the fusion of two vastly performative bodies of space, Duel_Performa2 challenges the conventions of stage/theater and concourse design. Situated within the World Trade Center complex, the design is positioned to confront today’s contemporary icons including the WTC Memorial and the transportation hub also known as the Oculus. The proposal comprises of a dance hall, main theater, and black-box embodied into a single form. Adjoined to the performative figure is the concourse featuring lobbies, lounges, and passageways also embodied into single form. Understanding the proposal to fuse both functional bodies into a new interdisciplinarity, the design questions the traditional configurations of a performing arts center and imagines a new anatomy that investigates how we perceive space as performance.

Installation [in-stuh-ley-shuh n] - an artistic genre of three-dimensional works that often are site-specific and designed to transform the perception of a space.

Within the proposal comprises of two installation pieces expressing their own personal narratives. Both encapsulated within the concourse, the installations serve to provide diverse perceptions of space creating two new dialogues for performance shaping Duel_Performa2. The first installation, No[h] Illusions, is specifically set in-between the cantilever and concourse where the piece is experienced both on its exterior and interior. Using the concept of masks from a major form of Japanese musical drama called Noh [能], and the concept of illusion, the installation develops a narrative expressing hidden moments awaiting to be exposed like how emotions are depicted on masked figures. The second installation, Azure Pandora, is specifically set within the apex of the concourse. Inspired by the concept of bioluminescence derived from the film called Avatar, the installation encompasses a forest of azure-infused light tubes with various stairs and platforms. In effect, the installation exposes the viewer to a world of merging colors unlocking the glow of Pandora.

(Both installation pieces are fully expressed in the animation film at the bottom of the page.)


Below is an animation featuring the sequence of narratives from both installation pieces: No[h] Illusions and Azure Pandora.