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This collection features spring semester work in Design VI (Angled Aperture) also known as the Columbia Boathouse, and Construction Documents for previous semester's work, the Pratt Graduate Dormitory Housing, during sixth semester, third year at Pratt Institute Undergraduate School of Architecture.


Title: Angled Aperture

Professor: Donald Cromley

Year: 2015

Status: Archived

Synopsis: Between the intersection of public access and Columbia University’s Rowing Team, the design located in The Bronx, New York encapsulates necessary programs including a training room, weight room, locker rooms, rowing tank, multi-purpose room, academia, and boat storage. Creating the interplay of exterior and interior margins, the project includes marked entries through bold movements. With an overpass carving into the given parameters of the site, the design is contorted to accommodate a large passageway built with staircases and platforms awarding both privacy for Columbia students and public access for neighboring residences. With three floors, two double-height zones, and conditioned extensions that span across the passageway, the project’s scale influenced a perforated mesh screen with various proportionate apertures for shading and view sets of the site’s riverfront. This, in all, gives back to Columbia’s Rowing Team, experienced athletes, the general public, and the site’s context.



Title: Pratt Graduate Dormitory Housing

Professor: Douglas Cutsogeorge

Year: 2015

Synopsis: Using the Pratt Graduate Dormitory Housing Project from the previous semester, construction documents confronts how a building is constructed, assembled, detailed, scheduled, and regulated to code. Through a series of developed vignettes exhibiting the process of the design including foundation, structure, zoning, code, schedules, window/door types, etc., one see’s the transition from the design concept to a real building.