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This collection features spring semester work in Design II (Corners in Space) and Representation II (Blooming Corners) during second semester, first year at Pratt Institute Undergraduate School of Architecture.


Title: Corners in Space

Professor: Anthony Caradonna

Year: 2013

Status: Archived

Synopsis: Design II challenges occupiable space that is assigned an architectural program through a spatial narrative: Invisible Cities-Valdrada by Italo Calvino. Using Higgins Hall’s pit staircase for reference, Corners in Space features a custom designed program, a memorial (death) and living space (life), suitable for public, semi-private, and private spaces that carry out three significant elements: water, light, and juxtaposing corners. By building models and hand-drafting drawings, the project’s activity within the memorial and living space is developed which consists of prayers for death and sexual vivacity for life.


Title: Blooming Corners

Professor: Farzam Yazdanseta

Year: 2013

Synopsis: Representation II challenges the perception and accuracy of already fully integrated designs that are unbuilt. Using House X by Architect Peter Eisenman as a significant example in unbuilt designs, Blooming Corners explores the process, schematics, and spaces of House X and reinterprets the unbuilt design in a new light that transforms the definition of corners.